Chaplaincy at Lockwood South Primary

Lockwood South Primary School is fortunate to have a school Chaplain as a part of our wellbeing team. Rachel Walz our school Chaplain is funded through the Australian Governments National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program and supported by the Bendigo Chaplaincy Committee.

Chaplaincy is a unique service that is of great value to our students, staff and parents, offering care, building the social skills of students, and encouraging responsible behaviour amongst our young people. Rachel works as an integral part of our staff team; together we offer individual support, small group work and plan and implement wellbeing programs across the curriculum. Rachel also participates in a broad range of school coordinated activities such as school excursions, camps, sporting events and Assemblies. Student engagement in the Chaplaincy Program is of a voluntary nature. Rachel takes Friends Forever with our Grade 3s to 5, is responsible for the Kitchen Garden and related cooking classes and oversees our Playgroup; Mini Musos.

Each year our School Council seeks feedback from our school community in order to enable us to review and confirm support for the Program. We also maintain a risk management plan which is reviewed annually. School procedures are followed for parents and students to seek referral, manage complaints and to opt out of the Program.

Our Values

At Lockwood SOUTH our school values underpin all that we do. Each term we focus on one value and each fortnight look at what this means for our learning community.


At Lockwood SOUTH we... help everyone to learn in our Learning Space, respect our environment, look after and encourage others, celebrate our achievements and understand and demonstrate our School Pledge.


At Lockwood SOUTH we... follow teacher's instructions the first time, come to class ready to learn, perservre to compete work, no opt out and take responsibility for our own work.


At Lockwood SOUTH we...look after and return equipment, call each other by our names, keep our hands and our feet to ourselves-personal space, only throw balls and only have put ups no put downs.


At Lockwood SOUTH we...listen when someone is speaking with no interrupting, show respect by speaking kindly to one another, accept that everyone is different, asking permission before touching someone else's belongings and play fairly by the rules.

Restorative Practice

A Restorative Approach values the person while challenging the negative behaviour. It is a way of viewing conflict and wrong-doing that focuses on the harm that has been caused to others and relationships, and our obligation to repair that harm. Restorative Practices

  • Is an approach to behaviour management and discipline that emphasizes the importance of relationships.
  • Is a way for students to develop better understanding, and empathy of others.
  • Encourages students to appreciate the consequences of their actions toward others.
  • Enables students to make amends where their actions have harmed others.
  • Requires students to be accountable for their actions.
  • Encourages respect for all concerned.

Restorative Practice is reinforced through Circle Time in each classroom.

'Circle Time is a programme of activities which most effectively challenge and motivate the class group to share in the aim of promoting more positive behaviours'. Mosley.

The Circle Time format is both symbolic and practical.

  • Symbolises inclusion, connection and equality
  • Encourages everyone to contribute
  • Reduces domination