About Us

Welcome to be the Lockwood SOUTH Primary School website.

We hope you enjoy looking through our website and getting to know our wonderful school and why we love it.

Why choose Lockwood SOUTH Primary School for your child?

We provide a very supportive and caring multi-age learning environment which features collaborative, cross-age learning and personalised tuition across Junior and Senior Homegroups-Hakeas and Melaleucas.

We pride ourselves on providing learning experiences that are personalised and individualised. Each student in our Learning Community is recognized as an individual with different abilities, talents, social and academic needs.

We have a wonderful team of passionate and professional teachers who are committed to ensuring all children reach their potential. No child is invisible.

Our new learning space is bright, welcoming and stimulating for our students. It features an interactive touch screen, new furniture and signage ensuring our students have the necessary tools and resources to equip them for their future. It is a great space for our students to reflect and share their learning but the most important thing: it’s fun!

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