Lockwood SOUTH Primary School takes pride in the wide variety of wonderful learning opportunities we provide for our students. We teach our students about the importance of being environmentally responsible both through the use of our yard, and also through the choices we make as consumer.


Students at Lockwood SOUTH Primary School are valued and active member of our community as both a learner and contributor. The students and the school participate with in the community in a variety of way such as being active members of Landcare through the Junior Landcare program, along with participating clean up Australia, and fundraising efforts for special causes.


We encourage families looking for a school for 2022 to please take virtual tour of some of our learning spaces and yard. If you have any further questions please contact either Adam Torney (Principal), or Sally Anderson (Early years teacher).


Transition Dates for students starting in 2022:

Wednesday- 17th of November


Thursday- 25th of November


Tuesday- 7th of December



Message from our School Council President:

As parents we have our children’s best interests at heart. This is particularly so when choosing schools. We want our children to be taught in an environment that not only aids them to learn academically but one that also nurtures their creativity, encourages their social and physical skills and helps them to develop resilience. With its caring staff, beautiful natural environment and access to all the opportunities much larger school get, Lockwood South Primary School ticks all these boxes. Big school opportunities in a friendly small school setting. 


Suzanne Dowdell

Parent at LSPS for 5 years


Lockwood SOUTH Primary School where we grow together, and learn forever.

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